понедельник, 24 июня 2024 г.


We present to you our new esoteric release.

Arseny Litvin and Pavel Kozenkov – Axis Mundi

Ambient/Dark Ambient/Drone
Factory CD packed in a glossy cardboard envelope. (100 copies)

Sound was born by the first step
Light separated from darkness by the second step
The Egg was born in the navel by the third step
Broke the shell with a sword by the fourth step
Omnipotent flesh was dismembered by the fifth step
Surrounding forest has sprouted by the sixth step
And by the seventh step will… 
And by the seventh step will looped the axis mundi ladder

And on the disk, through the gap in the Egg, you can hear the sounds of sacred steps and their followers, repeatedly reflected to the viscous canvas.

We express special gratitude to Vitaly Maklakov for the visual and artistic part of the release design.


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