вторник, 15 июня 2021 г.


 Kshatriyas Against Time - Seelenloch

Dark Ambient

PMR_63: CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in Half-DVD-box. (50 hand-numbered copies).

PMR_63SP: Recorded at recycled soviet reel tapes and packed in a cardboard box. Side B duplicates side A. (4 hand-numbered copies).

We decided to release another album from the French project. Minimalist, full of archaic winds soundscape inspired by the works of the Norwegian project Ildjarn. An ode to the souls of the ancients, buried in the old Western European barrows of the Neolithic era. "The soulhole" on the overgrown gravestones, as an invitation to contemplate the great cyclical endless nostalgic journey from one body to another.

Listen: https://arsenylitvin.bandcamp.com/album/pmr-63-kshatriyas-against-time-seelenloch

вторник, 8 июня 2021 г.


 Obozdur - Yellow Album


CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in Half-DVD-box.

20 hand-numbered copies.

Expressive noise canvas in yellow tones from the Ural artist. Previously, this material was released in 2016 as an integral part of the unique (existing in a single copy) art box set "Box with a Secret".

Listen: https://arsenylitvin.bandcamp.com/album/pmr-62-obozdur-yellow-album