вторник, 6 октября 2020 г.

PMR_56 & PMR_56SP

Arseny Litvin – Red Album (L’Album Pour Enfants)

Noise/DADA/Experimentali/Synth/Sound Collage/Spoken Word

PMR_56 - Recorded at recycled cassettes and packed in standart tape case. Side B duplicates side A. 17 hand-numbered copies

PMR_56SP - Recorded at recycled soviet reel tapes and packed in a cardboard box. Side B duplicates side A. 3 hand-numbered copies

Lo-Fi sound collage from the yard boy's childhood, passed through the schizophrenic noosphere of the present. Sultry summer days and war games. Dedicated to THAT MOST ARMAGEDONIAN TOAD.

Listen: https://arsenylitvin.bandcamp.com/album/red-album-l-album-pour-enfants


пятница, 2 октября 2020 г.


Anti-Verstand - MULYaZh V Pishchu Ne Prigoden


CD-R with printing on the surface. 18 hand-numbered copies.

The first three copies are packaged in a blue Jewell box, wrapped in a denim envelope along with three stickers. The rest of the copies are packed in a transparent Jewell box without an envelope and stickers.

Old School Harsh Noise, recorded live without spectators, without preparation and overdubs July 15, 2020. No electronics, just a contact microphone, macro objects (different for each of the three tracks) and tons of feedback. A ritual noise tribute to the classic styles of K2 and early Merzbow with a rabid psychopathic concept that harks back to the golden days of post-Soviet noise at the turn of the century, performed by Comforter, LLG, Reductio Ad Absurdum, Veprisuicida and Khlyst. Absurd scriptures and wild little heads.

Listen: https://arsenylitvin.bandcamp.com/album/pmr-55-anti-verstand-mulyazh-v-pishchu-ne-prigoden