пятница, 1 мая 2020 г.


Kinoteatr Provolochnykh Pirozhkov (Cinema of Wine Cakes) - Ultimate Collection 2008-2020

Noise/Ambient/Drone/DADA/Experimental/Field Recording/Sound Art/Spoken Word/Dark Ambient/HNW

Ten white CD-Rs with blue spots (the number of spots corresponds to the disc number), packaged in a large multi-disc DVD box. The design of each copy is individual.

10 numbered copies

The PAPER MOON REPUBLIC returns to its origins and presents in one edition a full twelve-year anthology of the Kinoteatr Provolochnykh Pirozhko project. In 2008, a provincial Siberian visual and noise act began with this project. In the end, it expanded and resulted in the publishing activities of our label. Unlike our other projects, all this time it had practically no physical incarnations - only web releases. Now we have fixed it and made this artifact containing noise work in a variety of forms. Here and field recordings, and radio noise, and dadaistic audio collages and dark ambient and minimalistic drones and much more. From early naive work to more thoughtful. All so that you can fill the silence of your environment for more than ten hours. The design of the release is made under the same motto under which all this activity began twelve years ago: Vive La Primitivism!

Listen: https://vk.com/wall-45158471_225