среда, 31 мая 2023 г.


Crimes Against Flesh And Bone — Traitor

Noise/Industrial/Power Electronics

A new gloomy album from the Saratov project with an excellent death-patriotic faded red plot: Traitors to the Motherland and the Nation are honored to be food for labor camps. Unhealed wounds bloom on the skin of scum who have decided to renounce the love of the Great Leader, following their base desires. Rust on cages, stench, millions of rat bodies gnawing out the eyeballs of prisoners. Hunger, exhaustion, disease, the earth is filled with meat, joyfully absorbing sweat and blood. No mercy for traitors. No forgiveness.

Recorded at recycled hand-painted cassettes packaged in a standard cassette case with a black and white cover. The case with the cassette is placed in a fabric bag, which is tied to an old used and painted vinyl record. 10 hand-numbered copies.