понедельник, 19 июня 2023 г.


We are delighted to present a new "lunar" release in our space.

Happy Moon – Moon’s Day / Goodbye Sunshine!

Chiptune/Dungeon Synth/Ambient

Two EPs from the Italian project, which were previously released separately in 2021 and 2022 (on CD-Rs in Italy, as well as cassettes and floppy disks in the US). On this reissue, they are now available both at once on one medium. Before you are eleven gentle eight-bit ballads and light lullabies, as if they had come from Spectrum, forgotten long ago in the parental home. Come back, turn it on again and walk with the moon bunnies and little foxes to eat honey and have sweet dreams.

PMR_83 - Recorded on recycled hand-painted cassettes and packed in a canvas envelope with a double-sided cardboard insert. (26 numbered copies);
PMR_83SP - Recorded on vintage soviet reel tape. Packed in a canvas envelope with a double-sided cardboard insert and a small pendant in the form of a month. Only one copy.