пятница, 10 ноября 2023 г.


Kromeshna – Plotnost' Prostranstva (Density of Space)

Noise/Ambient Noise Wall/Drone/Abstract/Experimental
miniCD-R with printing on surface packaged in a standard jewellcase.
12 hand-numbered copies.

An almost twenty-minute suite, executed in gray tones of concrete barriers and interpretations. The poetry of human urban anthills, which closely coexist with houses of culture and ghosts of a world where futurism simultaneously won and lost.


пятница, 3 ноября 2023 г.


ZavLab - Ekho Mira

miniCD-R with printing on surface packaged in a Half-DVD-BOX.
10 hand-numbered copies.

Report from the head of the laboratory searching for the birthplace of the first sound in the universe. Ancient vibrations hidden in the depths of the noises of the modern noosphere and just waiting for an inquisitive mind to decipher them. And also a deep hum, recorded by ultra-sensitive sensors placed in one of the ley lines.


четверг, 26 октября 2023 г.


Trouver La Paix - Dialogue

miniCD-R with surface printing, packaged first in a mini-slimbox and then in a colored canvas sleeve.
7 hand-numbered copies

Pseudo-reading of the roles of Philonus's dialogue with Hylas, carried out by an anonymous international project. Seventy-year-old philosophy, walled up beyond recognition by a noise, uneven, vibrating shroud. After listening, you run the risk of finding unidentified books at home with voices in your head.


среда, 18 октября 2023 г.


Pulsating Veins - The Spots

miniCD-R with printing on surface + miniDVD-R with bonus video material, packaged in a double Half-DVD-BOX.
7 hand-numbered copies.

We present to you a small EP for connoisseurs of the aesthetics of monotony and slow (barely noticeable) transformations. Four five-minute noise spots from an honored hnw-architect from the Belarus. Listen and then find and experience the beauty of spots from your own living environment and space.


The publication includes a bonus video containing the art process of generating spots on the sidelines of our Republic:

понедельник, 28 августа 2023 г.


The Last Exile - Waves and Wind


PMR_85: Recorded on recycled hand-painted cassettes and packed in a standart cassette case. 11 hand-numbered copies; 

PMR_85SP: Recorded on vintage soviet reel tape. Packed in a canvas envelope with a double-sided cardboard insert. Only one copy. 

Two unhurried minimalistic sound pieces from the Ural artist. The sound comes from the celestial ether (living outside the world, by itself). You can immerse yourself in it for a while as an outside observer, but then it will continue to live on without you, showing its invisible mysterious super-slow twists and turns.


суббота, 15 июля 2023 г.


39Lisnardan89 – Post-magical Intoxication

Recorded on recycled hand-painted cassettes and packed in a standart cassette case.
14 hand-numbered copies.

A schizophrenic long-playing work from an anonymous duo. An interworld symposium of wizards and sorcerers, which ended in a global booze and subsequent acute intoxication with magical potions that have lost their main effect. The search for the philosopher's stone only led to the discovery of endless shawarma. Echoes of the past revelry, recorded on magnetic tape, for subsequent mental experiments and energy poisoning. When re-recording this cassette, the phonogram will lose its power.


понедельник, 19 июня 2023 г.


We are delighted to present a new "lunar" release in our space.

Happy Moon – Moon’s Day / Goodbye Sunshine!

Chiptune/Dungeon Synth/Ambient

Two EPs from the Italian project, which were previously released separately in 2021 and 2022 (on CD-Rs in Italy, as well as cassettes and floppy disks in the US). On this reissue, they are now available both at once on one medium. Before you are eleven gentle eight-bit ballads and light lullabies, as if they had come from Spectrum, forgotten long ago in the parental home. Come back, turn it on again and walk with the moon bunnies and little foxes to eat honey and have sweet dreams.

PMR_83 - Recorded on recycled hand-painted cassettes and packed in a canvas envelope with a double-sided cardboard insert. (26 numbered copies);
PMR_83SP - Recorded on vintage soviet reel tape. Packed in a canvas envelope with a double-sided cardboard insert and a small pendant in the form of a month. Only one copy.


среда, 31 мая 2023 г.


Crimes Against Flesh And Bone — Traitor

Noise/Industrial/Power Electronics

A new gloomy album from the Saratov project with an excellent death-patriotic faded red plot: Traitors to the Motherland and the Nation are honored to be food for labor camps. Unhealed wounds bloom on the skin of scum who have decided to renounce the love of the Great Leader, following their base desires. Rust on cages, stench, millions of rat bodies gnawing out the eyeballs of prisoners. Hunger, exhaustion, disease, the earth is filled with meat, joyfully absorbing sweat and blood. No mercy for traitors. No forgiveness.

Recorded at recycled hand-painted cassettes packaged in a standard cassette case with a black and white cover. The case with the cassette is placed in a fabric bag, which is tied to an old used and painted vinyl record. 10 hand-numbered copies.



вторник, 21 февраля 2023 г.


Four Gates of Sin – Amber Tired Ritual

Noise/Dark Ambient/Experimental

Debut album from an anonymous duo. A viscous sound ritual action for a complete and mind-blowing immersion. The descendants of freemasons left the tools of their great-grandfathers and went into the space of neural networks. In that new noosphere, they spin their new secret symbols and collect fragments of the amber knob from the cane of the Great Maker scattered throughout the molasses-like universe.

Recorded at recycled hand-painted cassettes and packed in a canvas envelope with a double-sided cardboard insert and with a few pieces of amber. 14 numbered copies.



понедельник, 9 января 2023 г.


Paper Moon Republic presents its first non-musical, but advertising-print promo release.

Thirty hand-numbered postcards with greetings from our metaphysical government and with foot-blessing from a cartoon version of the goddess Isis. We will ship for free on any order. Optionally, we can send both unsigned and with some text from us.

Isis art by TOKA=PAINT (https://vk.com/tokafan)