понедельник, 19 февраля 2024 г.


Our Republic enjoyed sending postcards so much last year that we decided to do it again this year. This time the postcard is not as cartoonish as last time, but with a philosophical and esoteric flair. Edition of 36 numbered pieces. Can be added to any order, optionally either empty or signed.

Also, until this batch of cards runs out, we will be having a SALE! 
-10% on all Republic releases released in 2023-2024 
-20% on all Republic releases released in 2021-2022 
-50% on all older Republic releases.


Post cards circulation has been exhausted (The sale has also come to an end. Thanks to everyone who took part!)

понедельник, 12 февраля 2024 г.


We present to you today in our space a new release in the form of a three-way split (Petrozavodsk | Rostov-on-Don + Magnitogorsk | Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk)

AD/HD | ZavLab | Utoplennaya Utopiya - Untitled Split

Industrial/Dark Ambient/Noise/Experimental

A five-part, paradoxically both multi-structured and homogeneous sound program. Something from the depths of the subconscious, viscous and rustling - shackling your ego with blurry chains.

CD-R with printing on surface packaged in a Half-DVD-BOX. 22 hand-numbered copies.


вторник, 30 января 2024 г.


PK 2025 - The Ominous Sounds Of Jupiter

Dark Ambient/Drone
CD-R with printing on surface packaged in a Half-DVD-BOX.
18 hand-numbered copies.

The ominous sounds of Jupiter are mystical and inexplicable sounds that come from the depths of space. They are filled with mysterious energy and cause horror and awe in those who hear them. Some scientists believe that this is a manifestation of geomagnetic storms, while others see in them signs of life on the planet Jupiter. But no one can accurately explain their origin and nature. Maybe these are the voices of the ancient gods or a warning of future disasters? One thing is certain - the ominous sounds of Jupiter remain a mystery and continue to frighten and delight people with their mystery.


четверг, 18 января 2024 г.


Almost 70 years ago, destructive waves materialized in the Orenburg region. Then, having got to the Astral, they became simply sound and wandered somewhere in the ether until they received their first materialization in the brain of the author of this project in 2021. Now, almost 2 years later, our Republic is pleased to present these sounds in physical embodiment: 

Ausschreitung – 1954

Dungeon Synth / Ambient / Experimental 
Factory CD packed in a digifile 
100 copies.

The chilly dawn of the last days of summer was dawning in the crucible of the sky. Magpies were mourning in the trees, a cold wind was moaning in the chimneys of the factory. Loudspeakers on old lampposts shimmered with the melodies of forgotten singers, echoing in the old canals that crisscrossed the body of the city. There were few cars, few people on the streets, and there was a strange, mysterious silence. It worried, confused thoughts, and made it difficult to breathe. Somewhere on the border of the horizon, the sky trembled, as if on fire, rising in an unknown crimson cloud, a solemn, menacing, unknown cloud, and in this cloud there were no reflections of the August thunderstorm, it simply inevitably approached and grew, absorbing the sky, beautiful and frightening...


пятница, 10 ноября 2023 г.


Kromeshna – Plotnost' Prostranstva (Density of Space)

Noise/Ambient Noise Wall/Drone/Abstract/Experimental
miniCD-R with printing on surface packaged in a standard jewellcase.
12 hand-numbered copies.

An almost twenty-minute suite, executed in gray tones of concrete barriers and interpretations. The poetry of human urban anthills, which closely coexist with houses of culture and ghosts of a world where futurism simultaneously won and lost.


пятница, 3 ноября 2023 г.


ZavLab - Ekho Mira

miniCD-R with printing on surface packaged in a Half-DVD-BOX.
10 hand-numbered copies.

Report from the head of the laboratory searching for the birthplace of the first sound in the universe. Ancient vibrations hidden in the depths of the noises of the modern noosphere and just waiting for an inquisitive mind to decipher them. And also a deep hum, recorded by ultra-sensitive sensors placed in one of the ley lines.


четверг, 26 октября 2023 г.


Trouver La Paix - Dialogue

miniCD-R with surface printing, packaged first in a mini-slimbox and then in a colored canvas sleeve.
7 hand-numbered copies

Pseudo-reading of the roles of Philonus's dialogue with Hylas, carried out by an anonymous international project. Seventy-year-old philosophy, walled up beyond recognition by a noise, uneven, vibrating shroud. After listening, you run the risk of finding unidentified books at home with voices in your head.